XCore Galactic Plague Strategy

XCore Galactic Plague Strategy

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New race👽! New update!
The powerful Cult of the Ancients decided to take over the Earth.

Do you think this is just a strategy game?
It's about human existence!
Play as ancient cultists with a new unique combat strategy.

Perform the summoning ritual, making sacrifices, turning new assistants into your cult, and spreading a real mental plague or psychic infection throughout the world!
Plunge into the abyss of madness by creating a mental outbreak of a pandemic. Use a sinister strategy to destroy humanity. But be careful not to go insane yourself before completing the Great Ritual.

Enjoy a new cult strategy games in the best traditions of Howard Lovecraft.

X-Core.Galactic Plague is a strategy game about an aliens outbreak. Play as alien invaders. It is like a plague that takes over cities and continents, first secretly, then apparently until the earth is destroyed. Try to take over the Earth. Don't let people raise the rebellion. Develop a strategy to take over the planet.

It doesn't matter who you play for - insectoids, ancient aliens, energetic entities, or the mighty USSR race - United Space Socialistic Republics.

Think strategically, act quickly, conquer continents and cities.

Made in the spirit of the top-rated strategy games X-Core. Galactic Plague will allow you to use your mind.
Don't let humanity discover you too early. Prepare the earth for the alien invasion.
This is not just a strategy game - this is a galactic battle. The winner will receive the Earth.

X-Core. Galactic Plague is a really challenging strategy game for Android. Take on the role of alien invaders and attack earthlings with the game mechanics like in Plague or Pandemic. Test yourself. Fight against earthlings.

X-Core. Galactic Plague is not a usual strategy game. It is a real war. A space war depicting a clash of alien civilizations and earthlings. There have always been wars, but this battle you will never forget. Like the plague, galaxy invaders will attack the earth and leave only a fallout wasteland after them.

Aliens are attacking as never before! Pathetic earthlings can’t avoid the invasion. So they have to prepare their primitive weapons, missiles, tanks – everything that can help them survive this clash.

15👽 alien species are available to you:
• Greys - inquisitive, super smart.
• Reptiloids - aggressive and very strong.
• Insectoids - well adapted to any climatic conditions, have a collective mind.
• Egyptian gods - one of the most ancient and advanced races.
• Psychotrons - have very developed telepathic abilities, can control the minds of lower beings.
• Biomorphs - is the friendliest race in the entire galaxy with exceptional infiltration skills.
• Energy Form Of Life - invulnerable to any type of physical impact, inexplicably mysterious.
• Machines - never get tired, have a very high technical equipment.
• Galaxy Council - represents the chosen representatives of various races with their very best qualities.
• USSR (United Space Socialistic Republics) - have a great similarity with the human race, are far ahead in the development of people.
• Bastet - the offspring of the Egyptian gods.
• Сult Of The Ancients - has a lot of secret followers on Earth, has mystical power.
• Fourth Reich - the descendants of a group of Aryans.
• Techpriest - have the most innovative knowledge.
• Necromorph - very bloodthirsty and hardy mutants, do not require resources to exist.

More than fifty strategic variants to invade the earth are available to you. Big upgrade trees enable you to evolve in the middle of your invasion company.

Aliens vs. Earthlings – a banal theme for many strategy games. A banal theme turned upside down will make you feel like a leader of an alien invasion army. It’s up to you how to proceed. X-files will not help earthlings, XCOM will not save earthlings. They will be either dead or enslaved.

Forward, my space general! Lead your army to victory! Be the plague, be the epidemic, evolve, kill, conquer!
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  • Last Update: May 07, 2024
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